Customize Your Fiat 500 Sport at Joe Machens Fiat

When it comes to your Fiat 500 there are so many ways to customize your ride and add your own style. Here are just a couple ways you can accessorize.

1. Stripe

On the roof of your Fiat, along the door or across the hood – this stripe adds a sporty feel to your car. Further customization through your choice in color can incorporate your personal style.


2. Chrome Fuel Door

This statement making feature is a favorite adding a bright, race inspired look.


3. Cargo Tray

This feature provides a rugged, durable storage space for anyone moving lots of gear or supplies in and out.


4. Chrome Mirrors

Another great favorite among Fiat fans, this chrome mirror adds a finishing touch to your vehicle and let’s your style shine!


5. Bike rack

Love to go out for a bike ride? Then this feature will fit right into your lifestyle and make transporting your bike a breeze.


6. Key fob cover

These fun and stylish key fobs brighten up your key and let you express yourself.


Stop by Joe Machens Fiat and we’d be happy to help you customize your Fiat! Vist our Parts department or call (573) 875-5000.


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